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Don't replace 100% of your roof when only 10% is the problem!

  • Dr. Roof Coatings provides free inspections providing you feedback on the condition of your roof.

  • Dr. Roof Coatings provides you cost effective options for any necessary maintenance, repairs, coating or replacement your roof is in need of.

  • Dr. Roof Coatings services residential, commercial and agricultural buildings.

  • Dr. Roof Coatings only use the best materials

  • 100% rubber products

  • Fully-consultative approach

  • Year-round installations

  • Service Kansas & Missouri Areas

What we do?



Too often, roofing problems become apparent only after considerable damage has been done to the roof system, and possibly your facility and equipment. When professionally installed and maintained, your roof is a silent partner. A maintenance program is proactive rather than reactive. It can help identify problems at their early stages, while they can be corrected and before they become catastrophes. If you are not installing a new roof system, then you should be maintaining and repairing the existing one, or planning for its inevitable roof replacement. Dr. Roof Coatings commitment to service and maintenance means a longer lasting investment for you and your company.

Our Roof Care Maintenance Program is an affordable asset management program designed to prolong the life of your existing roof systems; keeping them water tight, and providing you with all the information you need to forecast maintenance budgets for needed roof repairs and replacements.

Our inspection teams perform a comprehensive, photo-documented inspection, providing you with full reports and proposals for any work needed. In addition our Roof Care Maintenance Program can be customized to fit any budget, any size facility and any property type. You can utilize the Roof Care program to define the scope of work needed for every roof, every property, and for every year within your portfolio.

Why Is A Commercial Roof Asset & Maintenance Program Important?

  • Keep your warranty intact
  • Reduce leak frequency and severity
  • Prevent trapped moisture and mold growth
  • Defer capital expenses and proactively budget
  • Avoid costly production/operation delays
  • Receive priority leak response

Roof Care Maintenance Program

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